ACGNJ is the oldest personal computer club and user group in the world.
Suggestion Date Meeting
Elections 12/02/05 Main Meeting
Computer Crime 01/06/06 Main Meeting
Bill Machrone 02/03/06 Main Meeting
Anti Spyware and anti adware 03/03/06 Main Meeting
How to list a product on ebay from start to end 04/07/06 Main Meeting
Personal Navigation GPS Google Earth 05/05/06 Main Meeting
Transfering old home movies to DVD 06/02/06 Main Meeting
Labor Day proximity - No meeting 9/1/2006 Main Meeting
XP Tips and Tricks 10/06/06 Main Meeting
How to create photo cd / dvd 11/03/06 Main Meeting
How to create Macros in Excel and Word 11/18/05 Windows Pains
Programming Language Shootout 12/16/05 Windows Pains
Security Live Hands for Router 01/20/06 Windows Pains
Data Recovery 02/17/06 Windows Pains
AJAX Asynchronous Java Script and XML 03/17/06 Windows Pains
TCF Fri. Sat. & Sun. - No Meeting 04/21/06 Windows Pains
Use of computer in Financial markets 05/19/06 Windows Pains
Video editing 06/16/06 Windows Pains
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 09/15/06 Windows Pains
PC Security Firewall, Hacking Protection 10/20/06 Windows Pains
Backup talk 11/17/06 Windows Pains
Community day TBD  
Windows pains: an early look at Windows Vista TBD Windows Pains

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The printed newsletter has gone all-electronic. Be sure to click "Change Only" on the form.
2006 Planning Meeting Revue
Baby sit the ACGNJ table for 4hr and get in free and/or check out Greg's Gaming at the next Computer show. See for details.
Various Images taken over the past few months.



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