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We need lots of volunteers!

We've organized the time we need volunteers into segments of four hours duration. So, for whatever function you volunteer to do at the Trenton Computer Festival TCF, you volunteer to do it for a period of four hours. You can volunteer for just one segment or several (or many!). Obviously, you cannot volunteer to be in two different functions at the same time.

We need 4 to 6 people EARLY Sat. morning (7AM to 10AM) and late Sat. evening (4PM to about 7PM) to direct traffic into and out of the comercial vender loading/unloading area. The loading and unloading must be scheduled and organized.

We needs oodles of these volunteers for the following functions from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday in 4 hour segments:
  • Speaker support - Logistical support (schleping stuff from here to over there) to set up whatever equipment and objects the speakers need.
  • Commercial exhibit - Guards and guides at the entrances/exits.
  • Flea Market - Mostly Gate and perimeter guards, diplomatically settle disputes.
  • Security - For Speaker support and Commercial exhibit, we need people to ensure that nothing that belongs to the room: projectors, cameras, audio equipment, speaker equipment leaves the room with out permission/authorization.
  • Checkers - For Speaker support, Commercial exhibit, and the Flea Market, we need people to check badges, wristbands, packages(?) and such.
  • Gophers - no further clarification needed.

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We need volunteers at doors, entrances, exits, speaker rooms, etc.

Saturday Early Morning Unloading - 7AM
Saturday Morning - 9AM to 1PM
Saturday Afternoon - 1PM to Closing

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Any volunteers up to and including the TCF weekend will be gladly accepted.


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