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NJ Gamers

Website: NJ Gamers  Host: Gregg McCarthy

NJ Gamers is an ACGNJ special interest group (SIG) dedicated to LAN gaming. Lan games are computer games that allow players to interact over a network. They can be played on the Internet, but perform better on a LAN where ping times are low. The ping is important because you interact with the other players in real time. These gamers pack up their computer, monitor, etc and drag it to the nearest LAN Party to play LAN games with hundreds of players.

Think of it as a virtual game of paint ball. ...where your opponents explode!

Since players must bring their computers to play, we'll setup around 6PM on (usually) the third Friday of the month. This should give us some time to setup and break down the equipment and still have some time for fun. But the LANparty doesn't start till 10 pm. Please email me if you intend to come. All things necessary for the game are on the what to bring page. Directions are on the directions page.

Want to find out more about LAN games and parties? Go to

LAN party check list:

Computer system and monitor
Software - Games drivers etc
Mouse, keyboard, joystick, headphones!
Power cords and power strips.
Network cables, etc.
If you can, bring some extra cables, power strips etc.
Money - There's two pizza and one Chinese places within walking distance!

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2006 Planning Meeting Revue
Baby sit the ACGNJ table for 4hr and get in free and/or check out Greg's Gaming at the next Computer show. See A. Milstein for details.
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