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Website Development Activity

This SIG is intended to be an open forum for ALL Website Development techniques and technologies, to encourage the study and development of web sites of all kinds. All the languages will be considered and examined. Anyone interested please contact the Chairperson in charge. The current project is a Drupal CMS for the club. Anyone interested in starting a new project, come to the meeting and announce / explain. Provide as much detal as possible. One can also send all projects to the ACGNJ Newsletter editor for inclusion in the next volume.

Where: Scotch Plains Rescue Squad Building SPRS

When: The Web Site Activity meets alternatively with the MobDev Activity Second Wednesday of the odd months at 7PM. See calendar or front page for specifics.

Contact: Web Dev Chairprson:, E-Mail

Please check the ACGNJ's website for updates regarding the meetings and contact information

Webmaster Resource Center The Bravenet Resource Center. In this area you will find a variety of information to help make your web pages more advanced and fun to use.
Thursday, January 19th, 2005
On the first meeting of the WebDev Activity, the group led by Evan W. discussed, argued and kick around many concepts and ideas. Gregg, Manie, Dave and John were all encouraged to "think out of the box" about the club's new web site design. A general outline was formulated for the front page. The "look" part of the "look and feel" concept, so to speak. The devoted web design crew will experiment with the design on-line at one of the club's experimental web sites All member and guests are invited to check out the design concepts and voice their opinion. More next month.

Manny worked up a Page Lay Out. Check it out.

WebDev was moved from the Third to the Second Wednesday to accomodate OnLine Auchton Activity.

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