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Window Pains


  • The Window Pains meeting meets on the third Friday of the month.
  • Meetings start at 8:00PM at SPRS in Scotch Plains, NJ.
  • Chairperson is John Raff.
  • This meeting is the combination of the older PC Symposium, PC User Group and Random Access Session which are now defunct. The intent is to provide the members with Windows oriented application discussions both Microsoft and Linux style. The presentation will be directed toward the more heavy technological level of attendee, although newbies are welcome to come.

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November 18th, 2005

Paul Natanson gave a spell binding presentation about Excel and Word Macros. Ten attendees watched entranced with the power of macros. Anyone interested in the presentation can find it on Paul's web site.

How to Create Macros to Automate routine tasks in Excel and Word

Paul S. Natanson

Do you wish you could automate some of your routine multi-click tasks in Excel and Word so they could be executed with a single click?

For example, when using MS/Word, do you often highlight text by making it some combination of red, italics, underlined, bold, and large?

Or when using Excel, do you get frustrated each time you have to figure-out (again) how to reformat unruly text to make it fit within its assigned cell.

These tasks can require many mouse clicks (and a bit of trial and error) to get them just right. And if you can't remember how you did it, then you will condemned to re-figuring it out each time. But, by using macros, you can "train" your computer to re-do a complicated task with a single click.

Macros are powerful tools in all MS/Office applications (including Word, Excel, etc.) that let you record keystrokes for later playback. Tasks that would normally require many keystrokes and/or mouse clicks can be recorded for later playback with a single click.

Once the keystrokes (and/or mouse clicks) are recorded, the recording (called a macro) can be edited and fine-tuned until it does exactly what you want.

After your macro is complete, you can assign it to a new button on your toolbar, or to a key on your keyboard, thus allowing you to play it back with a single click, knowing that it will work correctly every time.

At our next ACGNJ Windows Pains meeting (on Friday November 18, 2005), Paul S. Natanson will show you how to customize your toolbars and how to build macros to automate routine tasks in Excel and Word.

To download an advance draft of Paul's presentation (as well as some of his planned demonstrations and code samples), go to PCSACP and click on the link entitled FREE COURSES.

Paul S. Natanson

Sept. 19th, 2003

Design Patterns

Solutions for Software Design Problems

Michael P. Redlich

Design patterns are recurring solutions to software design problems that are found again and again in real-world application development. Design patterns are about design and interaction of objects, as well as providing a communication platform concerning elegant, reusable solutions to commonly encountered programming challenges.

This presentation will be an overview of the design patterns portrayed in Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software1 along with a review of sample source code that implement some of these patterns.

1 Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software, Erich Gamma, et al, 1995, Addison-Wesley

ISBN 0-201-63361-2

April 18th 2003: - NewsGroups

April 19th 2002:


March 15th 2002:

John Raff did a short presentation on NetNews. Many attendees were interested in the process of downloading biary data from the news groups and how to convert them to the proper format for use.

Evan Williams continued his presentation from last month on a graphics works project on the web. He has some experimental pages at: Mila D. is pitching in to help Evan with the Web design and layout. Evan and Mila would appreciate any help you can offer. Contact Evan with any suggestions.

February 15th 2002:

Evan Williams did a presentation on Microsoft Front Page, Internet Information Server and Access DB. Evan is attempting to set up a graphics works project on the web. He has some experimental pages at:

January 18th 2002:

John Raff and Frank Warren held an impromptu LinuxWorld review and swag fest.
Frank and John offered some of the toys they obtained from the vendor's at LinuxWorld which ran the early part of the week. Some of these items prompted discussion about linux and related applications some of wich brough up interesting facts about Linux and how the OS is being accepted by the corporate world for some of it's back office work and servers.

December 21st, 2001:

Evan Williams is continuing the Database discussion.

After meeting report: After the opening announcements and random acess Evan continued the Normalization discussion from last month with a handout from for a guide. He built several tables showing the use and abuse of normalizatin tradeoffs. Thanks Evan!

A search on most good search engines using "database normalization" will provide several excelent tutorials and discussions like the following examples; David Faour - Database Normalization, Database Normalization - Ian Gilfillan, Database Normalization And Design Techniques - Barry Wise.

Afterward the club Xmas party served cookies and icecream. (Thanks Scott V.)

Some members traded computer related gifts.

November 16th, 2001:

Evan Williams gave a presentation of Microsoft Access Data Base use and abuse.

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