Results of the 2006 - 2007 Planning Meeting held Thursday, August 24th, 2006, SPRS

Ammended by speaker committee Feb. and June 2007

Main Meeting
Window Pains Meeting
Date Topic Presented By
9/15/2006 Smart Computing Jen Clausen
10/20/2006 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming & Design Principles Michael Redlich
11/17/2006 How to Backup Your PC Bill Brown
12/15/2006 Overview of Windows Vista Microsoft
1/19/2007 How to Build a Web Site (Introduction to HTML) Evan Williams
2/16/2007 Introduction to Java Michael Redlich
3/16/2007 No Meeting - Postponed Due to Inclement Weather
[ no one ]
4/20/2007 Overview of Podcasting Podcasting Group
5/18/2007 How to look at your hard drive differently (Hard drive forensics)
Mark Douches
6/15/2007 Macros for MS Word and MS Excel Paul Natanson
7/20/2007 [ No Meeting – Summer Break ] [ no one ]
8/17/2007 [ No Meeting – Summer Break ] [ no one ]
9/21/2007 PC Security Firewall and Protection From Hacking Mark Douches
10/19/2007 Using X10 for Home Automation Frank Warren
11/16/2007 Digital AutoCAD [ TBD (Bill Farrell) ]

Backup Topics
Topic Presented By
Firefox Extensions, Shortcuts, and Search Bar David McRitchie


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