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Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey
A computer user group (club) based in Scotch Plains, NJ

Javascript Activity

This is a stab in the dark to see if there are any Javascript programmers in Northern/Central New Jersey that might want to get together and talk about Javascript and related subjects.
  • The Javascript Activity does not exist nor does it have a meeting date - yet. But hopefully that will change soon.
  • Meetings start at 8:00PM at SPRS in Scotch Plains, NJ. (What day of the month would you like?) [See calendar for open days, Fridays & Weekends are taken.]
  • Chairperson is . Until we get someone to take the position .
  • Javasctipt Resources of the USA
  • This page was prompted by JSClasses
  • As requested: Verification link back to the JS Classes site
I have been dabbling with Javascript for a while now.

News and Announcements

The printed newsletter has gone all-electronic. Be sure to click "Change Only" on the form.
Planning Meeting Revue
Baby sit the ACGNJ table for 4hr and get in free and/or check out Greg's Gaming at the next Computer show. See for details.
Various Images taken over the past few months.
Major meeting topics.

See the monthly calendar for a listing of all meetings.

Web or just ACGNJ

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