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Planning Meeting Suggestions

These were the suggestions made at the November 2005 Planning meeting.
Go here to see the actual picks for the year.
Bill Machrone
Anti Spyware and anti adware
Computer Crime
Windows pains: an early look at Windows Vista
How to list a product on ebay from start to end
Security Live Hands for Router
Transfering old home movies to DVD
Data Recovery
Programming Language Shootout
XP Tips and Tricks
AJAX Asynchronous Java Script and XML
How to create Macros in Excel and Word
How to create photo cd / dvd
Personal Navigation GPS Google Earth
Use of computer in Financial markets
Community day
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
PC Security Firewall, Hacking Protection
Video editing
Backup talk
Internet Telephones
Linux care and feeding
How to use Eclipse. What is Eclipse. Open for all programmers.
Digital Rights: Pushing the envelope
Photoshop series
Care and feeding of an IBM Mainframe
CMS Shootout
How to set up a home network
PDA; using
using bluetooth devices at home
Packet Radio

News and Announcements

New ACGNJ hosting site.
Old one
The printed newsletter has gone all-electronic. Be sure to click "Change Only" on the form.
2006 Planning Meeting Revue
Baby sit the ACGNJ table for 4hr and get in free and/or check out Greg's Gaming at the next Computer show. See for details.
Various Images taken over the past few months.



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