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We need lots of volunteers!

You are volunteering for 4hrs work at Trenton Computer Festival TCF. We need 4 to 6 people EARLY Sat. morning (6AM to 10AM) and late Sun. evening (4PM to about 7PM) to direct traffic into and out of the Rec. Center loading/unloading area. This is a VERY narrow street and a 40ft trailer takes up the whole driveway. The loading and unloading must be scheduled and organized. We need someone with fork lift experience.
We needs oodles of volunteers for the speaker, Commercial exhibit, and Flea Market to check badges, wristbands, packages and such. The same volunteers need to ensure that nothing that belongs to the room: projectors, cameras, audio equipment, speaker equipment leaves the room with out permission/authorization. We need volunteers to act as gophers and runners (you know what they do)

Someone is abusing the TCF Volunteer form so for the time being it is closed.




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