ACGNJ is the oldest personal computer club and user group in the world.
Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey
A computer user group (club) based in Scotch Plains, NJ

ACGNJ Special Interest Groups (SIGs) & Activities


Please check out all of our many SIGs. The meeting schedule is listed on the monthly calendar. Most, not all, of the meetings are held in Scotch Plains, NJ.

Feel free to attend any meeting that interests you, or contact the SIG leaders.

Most of the SIG leaders maintain their own SIG home page, where you can get current details on the SIG.

If you don't see a SIG you want, and wish to start one, please send email to the . You will be invited to come to the next BOD meeting to state your case for the proposed group. The Board will decide if, when and where.

SIG Listings
SIGs, User Groups & Activities When Leader Where
C/C++ Users Group Third Tuesday Bruce Arnold SPRS
.NET DOT NET Third Thursday Manuel J. Goyenechea SPRS
NJ Gamers Second Friday Gregg McCarthy SPRS
Computer Workshop Second Saturday To Be Named SPRS
Investment SIG Second Thursday Jim Cooper SPRS
Java SIG Second Tuesday Mike Redlich SPRS
Layman's Forum & Hardware Second Monday Mike Regan SPRS
Javascript TBA TBA SPRS
Lunics/UNIX First Monday Andy Meyer SPRS
Main Meeting First Friday President SPRS
Mobile Devices Alt. Second Wednesday Brenda Bell SPRS
Web Browser Activity Third Monday Dave McRitchie SPRS
WebDev Alt. Second Wednesday Evan Williams SPRS
WindowPains Third Friday John Raff SPRS

Not meeting, either Defunct / Discontinued or posible future SIG

SPRS - Scotch Plains Rescue Squad

News and Announcements

The printed newsletter has gone all-electronic. Be sure to click "Change Only" on the form.
Planning Meeting Revue
Baby sit the ACGNJ table for 4hr and get in free and/or check out Greg's Gaming at the next Computer show. See for details.
Various Images taken over the past few months.



See the monthly calendar for a listing of all meetings.

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