ACGNJ is the oldest personal computer club and user group in the world.
Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey
A computer user group (club) based in Scotch Plains, NJ

ACGNJ Links/Resources

  • Internet Services Providers (ISPs)
    list of all ISPs
    in area code: 201, 609, 732, 856, 908, 973,

    INTAC supported ACGNJ by providing our virtual website for a long time but 2/1/05 dropped the club site like a hot potato.

  • PrePaid Legal links provided by Frank Warren;
    On Line Resources Image Business Resources Image
  • Prediction - On - Monday 18th of January 2038 10:14:07 PM - the internal clock on many PC will change from 0x7fffffff to 0x80000000 and depending on how the software treats the number it may change the time to - Friday 13th of December 1901 03:45:52 PM - or not. Hopefully by that time all real computes will be 64bit and the issue goes away. But beware for 32 bit computers this is going to be a much bigger problem than the Y2K issue! And yes Y2K did have some major fallout - NORAD was blind for hours! Some NSA computers were down for days!
  • Virus - Anti Viral applications;

    Anti-virus comparison test of current anti-malware products, March 2008

      Antivirus Performance
    • Grisoft AVG - This is a foreign company that got popular after McAfee discontinued free service.
    • ALWIL Software - Avast! 4.6 Is Here
      February 19, 2005 - ALWIL Software is proud to introduce avast! 4.6, a new release of our award winning antivirus system. Find out what's new in this release now!

      Be careful how one sets up this application. When it finds a virus is pops up a window and plays audio asking what one wants to do with the virus and STOPS! Very anoying when one is tring to sleep checking over a million files on large drive - an overnight process. I would prefer it completed the scan and then waited quietly for the user to respond.

    • Advanced WindowsCare Personal 100% Freeware, A Click A Day For PC Repair, Protection & Optimization, This comprehensive PC-care utility has a one-click approach. Advanced WindowsCare Personal helps protect, optimize, and repair your computer \96\96 with daily use.
  • Firewall applications;

    • Kerio Personal Firewall 4 - Limited free edition
    • Zone Labs Free Zone Alarm - Basic PC protection for the home user.

    Here is a free service that will allow you to upload a large file onto their server in order to send it rather that clogging up yours and the recipients email client. You send it allows you to upload a file into a secure area and will send an e-mail to the intended recipient with a link allowing them to download the file at their leisure. Your file will automatically be deleted after 7 days so you. Free. How to send files up to 1Gb! How does it work, Why YouSendIt

    Alternate WhaleMail

  • Paul S. Natanson has given several presentations on his PC application Courses - Excel Macros, Webpages, MS Word to name a few.
  • `
    • Cool / Useful / Favorite Websites Now available in HTML format
    • Free MS Excel 2007 tutorial videos


The following sites have products or services at discount and usualy rebate prices. Many member have used these sites with good response.
  • Have an old PC with limited HD size?
    Here is a source for bios for old chips to enable them to use the newer large hard drives.
  • Gentoo : Intel\AE Pentium\AE 4 Computer Language Benchmarks Game


The folowing sites have asked ACGNJ to be added to our links page. ACGNJ makes NO representation regarding anything on these sites other than they may want you to spend your hard earned money on some product or service. Good, Bad or otherwise, Buyer Beware, Forewarned is Forearmed, Caveat Emptor!!! Hard Drive Data Recovery



See the monthly calendar for a listing of all meetings.

Web or just ACGNJ
List of the best private search engines (people are concerned about the privacy invasion of Google)

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