ACGNJ is the oldest personal computer club and user group in the world.
Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey
A computer user group (club) based in Scotch Plains, NJ

ACGNJ Board of Directors

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General Information

The purpose of the Board meetings is to discuss and make decisions about issues affecting the club in its normal business activities.

Meetings are usually held at the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad building the Tuesday prior to the Main meeting and usually start at 7 PM. See calendar for specifics.

Beginning in 2015 the BOD decided to hold the meetings at different times. On Odd months we have our board meeting on Tuesday. On Even months we have our board meeting on Friday before the Main meeting.

All members are welcome to attend these meetings, and may request to voice their opinion about subjects on the agenda. Only directly elected officers and directors may vote on issues. Officer and director responsibilities are explained in detail on this page. The BOD may, due to security or privacy issues, limit membership attendance on some issues.

The Chairpersons for each SIG or their alternates are requested to attend all BOD meetings. The duties and responsibilities of SIG chairpersons are explained in detail on this page.

All decisions are based upon the ACGNJ Constitution and Bylaws and in accord with our 501(c)(3) status.

Coffee and Soda are available. Mass quantities from selected local fast food supplier will be available for consumption.

Contact Information

Write the of the club about all relevant issues.

News and Announcements

The printed newsletter has gone all-electronic. Be sure to click "Change Only" on the form.
Planning Meeting Revue
Baby sit the ACGNJ table for 4hr and get in free and/or check out Greg's Gaming at the next Computer show. See for details.
Various Images taken over the past few months.
Major meeting topics.



See the monthly calendar for a listing of all meetings.

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